Pirogue Bag

“Homage to Terragni”

Collection in homage to Giuseppe Terragni (18th April 1904 – 19th July 1943), important architect of the 20th century. I freely inspired myself to his most famous work, the Casa del Fascio in Como (1932-1936) unanimously considered the masterpiece of the Rationalism master in Italy. I have elaborated it as a perfect proportioned parallelepiped. This building is characterized by a transparency network, by a continuous alternation of empty and full spaces, underlining the relations between inside and outside, creating many points of view and the distribution of habitable spaces.


Bag in genuine leather printed, limited edition. The Pirogue Bag has three removable straps with different lenghts that enable the bag to be carried in the hand, on the shoulder or across the body.


Sizes: Height 7.87 inches Width 11.81

Long leather strap, adjustable, 37.40 inches

Medium leather strap, 19.68 inches

Leather wristlet


Inside: one zipped pocket

Side A                                                 Side B